Jagged Edge Barbers have been at the forefront of Men's Barbering now for 13 years with locations across the UK including UK partnerships with the likes of Sainsbury's Supermarkets and Retail Parks with the trend setting Barber Pod concept. This is growing year on year extremely successfully. Our Academy has been operating in Bedford for the past 4 years and has grown from strength to strength with demand becoming extremely high. There is an extremely high demand for keen and interested individuals that we would love to bring to the world of Barbering.
To reiterate this course is only a TASTER to give you an idea on what it's like to be a part of our industry and give you a sense of whether this is the industry for you before you decide to join our Master's Programme.
We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to join such an amazing industry and gain a taster and general level of understanding on exactly what it takes to become a world class barber. No stone will be left unturned during the 4-week crash course. We want to deliver exactly what the people ask for in an honest and professional manner and answer any questions you guys may have over the 4-week period.  
  • Introduction to the tools of the trade, techniques and the fundamentals of barbering.
  • ​Building skills in client consultation, traditional barbering methods, photography and editing.
  • ​We will help you build a social media portfolio alongside teaching you health and safety and work etiquette.
  • ​You need to be 17 or over.
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The next crash course begins on 26th January, 2020

  • Course manual with Template Diagrams and pen for notes
  • ​1x Male Training head (for the practical sessions)
  • ​A copy of content notes with key words 
  • ​£200 Money off voucher for our 8-week Master's Programme 
  • ​A free 1 hour 1-2-1 session with our award winning educators in (providing you progress onto the Master's Programme)
  • ​You need to be 17 or over
    Full Name
    Your Email
    Phone Number 

    The next crash course begins on 26th January, 2020


    Why is the 4-week crash course free?
    We feel that people should be given an option to try before they buy. As it stands, there’s only paid courses available with other centres which is a massive commitment if someone is unsure if they want a career change. We would like to help and offer people a “try before they buy"

    What is the 8-week master's programme?
    The 8-week master’s programme is for people that have completed our 4-week crash course and want to pursue their career within the industry. The course itself is designed with a practical hand on approach to give you the knowledge and confidence to gain employment at the end. To find full course details please see the link below.

    Why would I need to do the 8-week master’s programme if I have already completed the 4-week crash course?
    The 4-week crash course was designed to give people a taster without a financial commitment before they pursue their career via our master’s programme.

    Will I get a national qualification?
    If you are looking for a government bodied qualification such as City & Guilds, you will need to join your local college and complete their level 1, 2 & 3 courses. The barbering industry is a place where a good attitude and a good haircut can pass your trades test and get you a job.

    Will there be available finance?
    Finance is available upon request
    Will I need a barbering kit to complete the 4-week crash course?
    As any new trade, you will need to have a kit. However we have put together a selected tool package at a discounted rate which can be purchased after you have signed up. We also have a buyback scheme meaning if you decide this course is not for you, we will buy back your kit (please see terms and conditions).

    Will I be employable after the combined courses?
    Absolutely, we will cover all the necessary requirements and you will be employable 


    Zak Resinato - Director of Jagged Edge Barbers 
    Zak Resinato has been leading his team from the front, from day one, offering the most amazing opportunities to his work force in order for them to be the success they have always dreamed of. Zak and Dini will take the time out to make sure they understand exactly what your goals are and what you are trying to achieve in or outside of the industry, educating you on the PROVEN key factors you need to implement and the discipline required to make things happen. They truly believe the Jagged Edge brand would be nothing without the incredible team of people, which is why they are so passionate to give back to others and offer the most amazing opportunities to the right candidates. We cannot wait to mentor you on your barbering journey.
    Dini Braka - Head of Education
    Dini Braka is the Co Founder of the Jagged Edge Academy along side Entrepreneur and Managing Director of Jagged Edge Barbers, Zak Resinato.  Dini is an international icon within the industry collaborating with some of the leading barbering icons across the globe. He has a large following across social media platforms where his talent and passion speaks for its self. He has invested endless amounts of time, effort and money in to his education, which he cannot wait to share with you all, so PLEASE make the most of this FREE opportunity and pick his brains as much as you can over the next 4 weeks.  

    "I enjoyed the 8 week crash course, it was amazing. I've learnt so much, my confidence has grown massively. I just never thought that I'd ever achieve what I've done in 8 weeks. It's been absolutely amazing."
    Tegan Carroll, 2019
    “I absolutely loved the course and although it was hard and fast-paced it was well worth it. I would 100% recommend Jagged Edge Academy it's been the best thing"
    Jamie Stock, 2019
    'I learnt lots of new techniques. I would recommend everyone to try Jagged Edge"
    "I absolutely loved the course, I would definitely recommend anyone to do it" 
    Hayley Paterson, 2019. 


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